Watchdog Time-Relay Type WD100V

Watchdog Time-Relay for industrial PCs (IPC)

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Part number

(replaces Z224317)

Product description


In the control technology of today, the number of industrial PCs (IPC) partly with decentralized intelligence constantly increases.

Individual processes are controlled independent of each other. In case of failure or malfunction of one component, it can therefore be necessary to switch off the hardware of a complete machine or plant.
Time-Relay WD100V is used to make sure that because of malfunctions in the program flow, caused by short-term voltage interruptions for instance, no undefined status are created.

Changes Z224317 --> Z224319: input 5V, maximum pulse length up to 10 s, better temperature stability

Overview of functions:

  • Input-signal 5/24 V DC square wave
  • Minimum pulse length 500 μs
  • Maximum pulse length 10 s
  • Monitoring of positive and negative slopes
  • Watchdog-time = Time x Scale (1 ms-10 s)
  • Display of state of function with LED (Alarm)
  • Reset with external contact or switch
  • Universal power-supply AC/DC 24-240 V
  • Relay-output (1 change-over contact)


Technical Data

Rated supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24-240 V, 0/50/60 Hz, <2W, < 3 VA
DC 20,4-297 V, AC 20-264 V


Contact elements


1 change-over contact (co)


Contact type


Type 3 see general technical information


Measuring input clock


app. DC 5/24 V square wave
Relay picked up when square wave voltage is fed
Relay is released 1-10.000 ms after last slope


Pulse length


0,5 ... 10.000 ms


Input Reset


Button for Reset / bridge = autoreset


Rated ambient temp. range




Dimensions h x w x d


Design V2: 90 x 35 x 58 [mm]




approx. 100 g




on 35 mm DIN rail or with screws M4


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30/ IP 20




Operating manual