Electrode Type NE1

Niveauelectrode NE1 for Level Monitors Type NS, insulated screw-in electrode

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Product description



The NS level monitor is an electronical device for monitoring Liquid levels. They can be used as limit monitor or minimal-maximal control. The monitoring of liquid levels is effected via electrodes.


The NS units protect aggregates and plants against dry running, overflow, leakage damages and unnecessary lost of liquids. Characteristical applications are swimming pools, groundwater endangered buildings, oilfilled under-water-pumps as well as whereever a certain level should be maintained resp. dosed.


The level capture is effected through resistance measurement via an AC voltage measuring path, operating completely DC voltage-free. Hereby, the resistance between two (resp. three) electrodes is measured. When the level increases, the electrodes are bridged and an integrated relay switches.

The level monitor operates as conductivity measuring device and guarantees a perfect level capture at a resistance of up to 250 kΩ, measured between the electrodes. ZIEHL level monitors are also available with adjustable time delay in order to avoid a too high relay switching frequency in case of a moving water surface. As electrodes any conductors, that jut into the tank down to the required level, can be used. At metal tanks the wall of the tank can be used as basic electrode.

Electrode NE1

Insulated screw-in electrodes for mounting in walls of tanks. The electrodes are made of stainless steel (V2A), the insulation material is Teflon.