Control for extraction systems via bus type STW164IP

Control for extraction systems with connection slide valve via bus, control of up to 32 sliders via bus line

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Product description


The basic function of the device is to detect whether a current is flowing in the supply line of one of several woodworking machines. If a current flow is detected, the device opens a valve on the machine's suction channel. At the same time, the extraction system is switched on. When a machine is switched off, the device closes the associated valve with a delay. If the last machine is switched off, the extraction system also stops after a delay.

Control for extraction systems with connection slide valve via bus, control of up to 32 sliders via bus line

The STW164IP serves as a central control unit. It detects the operating status of the machines by measuring their current consumption in the supply lines (current transformer STWA1(H) ) or via potential-free contacts. It switches on the central extraction system and opens the shutters on the ducts to the individual machines. 8-fold shutter modules are used to control the shutters. These can be mounted next to the STW164IP or distributed throughout the system. The latter reduces the amount of wiring required.
Additional shutters can be opened to optimize the air flow. They can be assigned to different lines and prioritized. It is also possible to control cleaning and discharge.
Parameterization is conveniently carried out via the network (Ethernet). If the control system is connected to the Internet, it can also be parameterized remotely.
Recording the operating hours of the machines and the switching frequency of the valves provides valuable services for preventive maintenance. This means that components can be replaced during a service call before they age and fail.

Accessory: Front Mounting Kit type ER8 for mounting in control panels or doors


Technical Data STW164IP

Rated supply

Rated suply voltage Us


DC 24 V




DC 20 - 30 V


Power consumption


< 3 W


Relay outputs K1, K2, K3, K4


4 x 1 Wechsler


switching elements


max AC 300 V, DC 300 V


Inrush current normally open (no)


AC 15 A, 4 s, 10% ED


Minimum voltage/current


12 V, 10 mA


Conventional thermal current Ith


max. 5 A


Switching capacity max AC cosfi = 1


2000 VA


Inputs I0...I15

Connectable converters


STWA1(H), potential-free contact, Stromsensor S1


Overload witch STWA1(H)


max. 100 A continuous, max. 300 A für 10 s


Inputs Y1, Y2

internal resistance


approx. 38 kOhm


switching threshol


EIN > 17 V, AUS < 8 V


EMC test


EN 61326-1


Emmision/RFI suppression


CISPR 11 class B/ industrial environment


permissible ambient temperature




Shaking safety EN 60068-2-6


2...13,2 Hz +/- 1 mm  13,2...100 Hz 1 g
2...25 Hz +/- 1,6 mm  25...150 Hz 5 g



Design / Installation Frame


V8 switchgear mount / Front mounting kit ER8, 8 TE


Dimensions (w x h x d) mm


140 x 90 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm (8 TE)


Cable connection solid


1 x 0,34-1,5 mm2 / AWG 22-14


Finely stranded with end sleeve


1 x 0,1-1 mm2 / AWG 27-16


Stripping length/torgue


8 mm/0,5 Nm




Snap-on mounting rail 35 mm according to EN 60 715 or screw fixing M4 (additional bolts not included)


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30/ IP 20




approx. 310 g



Quick Guide

Operating Manual

Operating Manual Modbus