Pt100-Temperature-Sensors Type TF101U2

Pt100-Temperature-Sensor,  -30°C...+80°C,  -30°C...+105°C or -50°C...+170°C, encapsulated in stainless-steel-shell V4A

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Product description


TF101 temperature sensors use EN 60751/IEC 60751 platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD). For precise temperature measurement the Platinum Resistance Thermometer offers the best overall advantages in repeatability and stability over a long period. High accuracy allows replacement of a sensor without any need for re-adjust of the connected measuring devices or thermostats. TF101 temperature sensors are available in different designs.

Sensors TF101U2 are encapsulated in a stainless-steel-shell V4A. They are suitable for measuring temperatures in fluids, at surfaces or for inside or outside applications. The protection class is IP 66.
The version with PVC-insulated cable (3 x 0,25 mm2 in one cable) can be easily wired. The maximum ambient temperature is 105 °C.
The sensor with cable 30mm (PVC) can be mounted in terminals in switchgear cabinets to measure temperature in enclosure.
The version with PTFE-insulation (3 x 0,14 mm2 single wires) withstands peak-temperatures up to 200 °C

PVC: 2 m = 50 g, 10 m = 250g, 30 mm = 15 g
PTFE =  20 g




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