Trafosafe TS1000

Relay for Transformer-Protection with integrated fan control, direct connection up to 6 fans

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Part number

AC/DC 24 - 240 V

Product description


The Trafosafe TS1000 is applied at transformers with forced cooling. It monitors the temperature of the transformer with 3 sensor-circuits (PTC-thermistors), controls the forced cooling depending on the load of the transformer, reports exceeding of alarm-temperature and switches off the transformer (trip) when increasing of the temperature continues.

Up to 6 fans can be controlled and monitored directly with the TS1000. Contactors and motor protection switches are not necessary any more.

At Pt 100-monitored transformers the TS1000 can be used to control only the fans.



  • 1 PTC-circuit for controlling the cooling (1T1/1T2) = input for starting fan when using as fan-control only
  • 2 x 1 PTC-circuit for alarm 1 (2T1/2T2) and alarm 2/trip (3T1/3T2), monitored for short-circuit and interruption
  • Alarm1 (K2) in closed-circuit current mode = monitoring of function
  • Alarm 2/trip (K3) in open-circuit current mode = no signal/tripping when switching on the device
  • Test-/Reset-button for testing the function

Fan-Control and Monitoring of fan

  • direct connection of up to 6 fans 0.07...4.0 A
  • automatic exceeding of the on-time of the fans at high load of the transformer
  • Monitoring of failure fan (over-/undercurrent)
  • Self-calibration of the monitored values of the currents to the fans
  • Switching-point for current-failure adjustable ± 5-40%
  • automatic test of fans 1-30 days, disconnectable
  • Relay for reporting fan-failure
  • Clear displays with LEDs


  • Universal Power Supply AC/DC 24-240 V
  • compact housing for cabinet-mount, 140 mm wide, mounting heigt 55 mm
  • Attachment on 35 mm standard rail or with 3 screws M4


Technical data


Rated supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24 - 240 V  0/45-120 Hz <2W <4 VA




DC 20,4-297 V, AC 20-264 V


Connectable PTC-circuits


5 x 1...6 Pcs according to DIN VDE V 0898-1-401 (formerly DIN 44081/82)


Switching point


< 4000 Ω


Output relays K2, K3, K4


3 x 1  change-over-contact (co)


Type of contact


Type 2 (see general technical information)


Output relays 1-6


6 x 1 normally-open contact (no)


Rated current of fans


0.07...4.0 A


Test conditions


see general technical information


Rated ambient temperature


-20...+55 °C


Dimensions h x w x d


Design V8: 90 x 140 x 58 [mm], mounting height 55 mm




on 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 60 715 or 3 screws M4 (option)


Protection Housing/Terminals






approx. 400 g




Operating manual

Operating manual