Universal relay box type URB40

Extension for universal relay (UR) with additional relay outputs, communication via Modbus RTU

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Part number

Product description


Relay extension box type URB40, for universal relay box type UR
The URB40 universal relay box is an extension box for UR devices that can be used to control up to four additional relay outputs via Modbus RTU. The URB40 monitors the communication between the devices and can transfer each relay output to a predefined state in the event of a timeout. The device has no operating elements and is controlled and configured exclusively via the RS-485 interface.

Accessory: Installation frame ER4 for panel mount



With the URB40, an additional four alarms and relays are available, and the device can also be easily operated on other control systems via the integrated RS 485 interface.

  • 4 additional alarms
  • Easy extension of existing control systems of the UR series
  • Space-saving installation

Control voltage:

  • DC/AC 24-270 V 0/50/60 Hz

Output relay:

  • 4 x 1 changer max. AC 300 V; DC 300 V


  • RS485 interface for reading data with Modbus (RTU)


Technical Data

Rated supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24-270 V, 0/50/60 Hz


Tolerance DC


DC 20,4...297 V


Tolerance AC


AC 20...297 V


Relay output


4 x 1 changeover (CO)


Switching voltage


max. AC 300V, DC 300 V


Type of contact


Type 2 (see "general technical information")



Design / Installation Frame


V4, switchgear mount / Front mounting kit ER4, 4 TE


Dimensions (W x H x D)


70 x 90 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm


Wire connection, one wire


each 1 x 1,5 mm2


Stranded wire with insulated ferrules


each 1 x 1,0 mm2


Protection class housing/terminals


IP 30/IP 20




DIN rail 35 mm according to EN60715 or screws M4 (with 2 extra bars)




app. 200 g