Current Transformers for AC-Current Type WS

Current transformers type WS Class 1,   2.5 VA

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Part number

WS5/1 A
WS10/1 A
WS20/1 A
WS30/1 A
WS5/5 A
WS10/5 A
WS20/5 A
WS30/5 A

Product description


For currents >5A current monitors require a current transformer with secondary 1 or 5 A and a rated capacity of min. 1,5 VA. The primary rated current must be appropriate to the max. expected current (fuse). Tube or wound current transformers can be used. 
We recommend the use of WS tube current transformers for primary rated currents of 5 to 30 A.
The transformers have a class 1 accuracy and a voltage resistance of up to 800 V.

When ordering, please indicate desired primary and secondary rated current.