Front Mounting Kit type ER

For housings for cabinet mount V4, V6, V8. Installation frame for mounting in control panels or doors.

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Part number

ER4, Housing V4, 4 TE
ER6, Housing V6, 6 TE
ER8, Housing V8, 8 TE

Product description


You found a device in that meets your requirements and you want to install it in a control panel or in the door of a control cabinet?
With the installation frame of the ER series, this is possible for all ZIEHL devices in housings V4, V6 and V8 (width 70/105/140 mm).
Enclosed by a high-quality frame made of anodized aluminum, all displays can be read outside the control cabinet. Switches, buttons and joystick can be operated.


Technical Data

Maximum wall thickness


8 mm


Material Frame


anodized aluminum


Mounting material




Dimensions: Width / Height / Cutout


ER4, 4 TE: 95 mm / 70 mm / 71 x 46 mm
ER6, 6 TE: 130 mm / 70 mm / 106 x 46 mm
ER8, 8 TE: 165 mm / 70 mm / 141 x 46 mm




Installation Guide