Pt100-Temperature-Sensors Type TF101R

Sensor for measuring ambient temperatures,  -20...+70°C, inside and outside, IP54

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Part number

Product description


TF101 temperature sensors use EN 60751/IEC 60751 platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD). For precise temperature measurement the Platinum Resistance Thermometer offers the best overall advantages in repeatability and stability over a long period. High accuracy allows replacement of a sensor without any need for re-adjust of the connected measuring devices or thermostats. TF101 temperature sensors are available in different designs.

Sensor for measuring ambient temperatures inside or outside. Protection class IP 54. Cabling can be connected in 2- or 3- wire technique.


Technical Data

Nominal resistance


100 Ω at 0 °C


Temperature coefficient


3,85 x 10–3/K (see table)


Class B, DIN 43 760


Δϑ = ± (0,3 + 0,005 ϑ) [°C]


Test voltage


2,5 kV AC (not TF101N)


Extension leads


PTFE; silver-plated stranded copper wire 0,14 mm2


Shrink sleeve




max. temperature at sensors with max. 170°C


200 °C (max. 170 h)




W x H x D = 65 x 50 x 38 mm




app. 70g