Vibrator Control RSP1

Vibrator Control with Time addition, various programs of vibrations

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Part number

Product description


The vibration control RSP1 is a compact multiple timing relay for capturing operation times ofsuction plants and for triggering vibrators.

It provides optimal control of the vibration device by collecting of operating times of up to 3 suctions with variable programs for vibration procedures (spintime, interval- and permanent vibration) and programmable vibration periods. LED displays provide information about the operational state at any time.

All times are permanently saved in an EEPROM. Thus the accumulated operation period of the suction operation saved when switching off the supply voltage, e.g. during the night or weekend.

  • addition of the running time of 1, 2 or 3 suctions. 
  • introduction of vibration procedure after having reached the set total time (adjustable 4 to 120 min.) and after completion of the last suction operation.
  • external vibration command by closing a contact, e.g. by filter monitoring work 
  • spintime adjustable 10 to 300 sec.
  • interval vibrations 5, 15 or 20 times (disconnectable)
  • interval vibration time (adjustable 1 - 30 sec.)
  • interval break time (adjustable 1 - 30 sec.)
  • continuous vibration (adjustable 10 - 300 sec.)
  • no vibration during suction operation.
  • if vibration procedure is interrupted (e.g. by switching on suction), the same will be recommenced at the next possible opportunity.


  • inputs for up to 3 suctions.
  • permanent saving of all times in the EEPROM.
  • LED-display
  • 2 pushbuttons for programming.
  • coding switch for adjustment of all times
  • RESET-button, resets operation period to zero or interrupts a running vibration procedure.
  • VIBRATION-button, starts vibration procedure (only if suction is not active).

Technical Data

Supply voltage Us


AC 220 - 240 V, ± 10%, 50/ 60 Hz, < 3 VA


Relay output


1 NO


Contact type


type 2 see general technical informations


Test Conditions


see general technical informations


max. ambient temperature





Contact 6, 7, 8 against 5


approx. DC 24 V/3 mA


Contact 1 against 4


approx. DC 5 V/5 mA


Casing dimensions (W x H x D)


Design S 12: 41.5 x 82 x 121


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30/IP 20




on 35 mm standard rail according to EN 60 715 or with M4 screws.




approx. 300 g