Zero Export Device EFR4001IP

Relay for Energy Flow, optimization of consumption of self-consumption of self generated energy.
Zero Export Device.

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Product description


Relays for energy flow EFR4001IP monitor the current flow between public power grid and generating plant / consumer. Operation is made comfortably via integrated webserver or directly at the device. Measured values are displayed neatly arranged at device on monitor. When the own power plant generates more power than actually is consumed it often is more economical to consume the excess energy self. This is especially reasonable when the difference is high between the price you pay to the grid provider and the price the provider pays for fed in energy.

Many areas suitable for photovoltaics could not be used so far, since only a limited amount of power can be fed in at the grid connection point. In Germany new standards allow exceeding this value by up to 2/3 (66.6%) installed capacity. The prerequisite for this is that the overbuilt power is consumed and not fed into the grid. In order to still ensure the stability of the system, this must be monitored. The same applies to zero export, when no energy at all may be fed into the grid. In this case, the device can be used as an energy flow direction sensor (EnFluRi). The EFR4001IP has been optimized for these functions.


Zero-Export-Device or limiter:

  • Switching off the power generation system or parts of it if the permissible feed-in power is exceeded with relay K3
  • Switching on consumers or reducing generators before it comes to that by means of regulating with an analogue output or switching loads with relays K1 and K2
  • Energy flow direction sensor (EnFluRi sensor) and feed-in limitation < 0.1s



  • Switching of up to 3 consumers: the largest consumer, ranked 1-2-3 or combination of 3 consumers (7 levels)
  • Switch on and off points. At which energy flow consumers are switched on and off again
  • Switch on and off delay of consumers, minimum on time.
  • Control of heat pumps (SG-ready), battery chargers, inverters
  • Switching on consumers or reducing generators before it comes to that by means of regulating with an analogue output or switching loads with relays K1 and K2
  • Energy flow direction sensor (EnFluRi sensor) and feed-in limitation < 0.1s



  • Measuring of active power 1- or 3-phase up to 1.000 kW (more with factor)
  • Counters for power (feed in and consumption)
  • Operation at device with color display (LCD) and joystick
  • 3 inputs for customary current transformers with secondary 1 or 5 A.
  • 3 relay outputs
  • 4 digital inputs Y1-Y4 for control signals, e.g. relay on or off
  • IP-connection, integrated webserver
  • Interface ethernet TCP/IP, values available via modbus TCP
  • Analog outputs as measuring transducer and for stepless regulation of a consumer
  • Switch gear housing 140 mm wide


Suitable current transformers:

  • Usual current transformers up to 1,000 A, secondary 1 A or 5 A (for Pav,e min. class 1), e.g. ZIEHL type AS or WS
  • Compact CTM7 CTM7, 64/1 A, Kl. 1, 0,5 VA
  • Split core KBR18S KBR18S, 60/1 A, Kl. 3, 0,4 VA (not for Pav,e)



Technical Data

Rated supply voltage


DC/AC 24 – 270 V 0/40...70 Hz, <3 W, <9 VA




DC 20,4 - 297 V
AC 20 - 297 V


Relay outputs K1, K2, K3


3 x 1 change-over contact


Switching voltage


max. AC 300 V, DC 300 V


Conventionel thermal current Ith


max. 9 A


Switching power max cos φ=1


2000 VA


Contact service life, electr. cos φ=1


105 operations at 300 V / 9 A


Rated operational current


AC-15 Ie = 6 A Ue = 250 V


Measurement of voltage (RMS)


L1 / L2 / L3 towardsN


Voltage phase-N


AC 15,0 … 330,0 V, 50/60 Hz




0,1 V


Max. error of measurement


± 0,5% of fullscale, ±1 digit


Measurement of current


With transformers (scaleable up to 1.000 A)


Nominal currents / resolution


AC 1/5 A / 1 mA


Max. error of measurement


± 0,5% of fullscale, ±1 Digit


Overload capacity


6 A continously, 25 A max. 1 s


Resistance of input


60 mΩ


Measurement of active power


± 1.000 kW, resolution 1 W


Max. error of measurement


± 1 % of fullscale ±1 digit


Analog outputs (GND (┴), I+)


DC 0/4/1-10...20 mA, DC 0/2/0-5...10 V


Max. error


± 0,3 % of fullscale + error of measurement active power


Temperature factor


< 0,015 % / K




≤ 500 Ω


Test conditions


see general technical information


Operating temperature


-20 °C ... +55 °C



Design / Installation Frame


Design V8, Front mounting kit ER8, 8 TE


Dimensions (B x H x T)


140 x 90 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30 / IP20




on 35 mm DIN rail or with screws M4




app. 300 g




Quick Guide

Operating Manual Modbus

Operating Manual