Vibrator Control Type RS1K

Vibrator Control, switching delay adjustable, 4  programs

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Part number

Product description


The vibrator control RS1K is a compact multiple time relay for triggering of vibrators in suction plants. In order to be able to operate suction plants at an optimum, the filters which get clogged by sawdust, chips or dust, have to be dedusted by vibration from time to time. The vibration action is by no means to be carried out the suction running or while slowing down the ventilator. If suctioning is started during vibration, the process is immediately to be interrupted. Prior to starting the vibration action, an adjustable deceleration time is running to delay the ventilator before start of vibration. This means that short stoppages can be bypassed without being obliged to carry out a vibration every time.

  • Start of deceleration time by break contact at Y1/Z0 (e.g. from contactor suction motor)
  • Starting of deceleration time through current transformer STWA 1 at Z0/Z1 (e.g. L1 from suction motor)
  • adjustable deceleration time 1...30 min.
  • Relay K1: continous vibration 20 s or impulsevibration 18 s with 3 s clock
  • Relay K2: impulse-vibration 40 s with clock 0,5 s or 0,8 s (for magnet valves)
  • LED (red) signals deceleration time
  • LED (green) signals vibration action
  • automatic interruption of the vibration action when starting the suction process.


Technical Data

Rated Voltage Supply Us


AC/DC 24...240 V, AC 19-264 V, DC 20-297 V < 2VA


Input Y1/Z0, Y2/Z0


Contact, Breaker (nc), 18 V, 3 mA


Input Z1/Z0


Current Transformer STWA1


Switching current


ON ≥ AC 1 A, OFF ≤ AC 0,4 A


Overload Capacity of transformer


max. 100 A continous, 300 A / 10 s




2 x 1 co


Type of Contact


Type 2 (see general technical informations)


Test Conditions


see general technical informations


adm. ambient temperature




Dimensions H x B x T


Design K: 75 x 22,5 x 115 [mm]


Fitting position


on 35 mm standard rail according to DIN EN 60 715 or screws M4 (not included in delivery scope)


Protection Housing/Terminals


IP 30/IP 20