Transformer protection with core monitoring, MSF220VL

Transformer protection with core monitoring

The MSF220VL PTC relay from ZIEHL industrie-elektronik GmbH + Co KG. The device has 4 inputs for PTC resistors. 2 PTC resistors are used for monitoring the temperature of the windings (alarm and trip) and to control a cooling fan. A fourth PTC resistor monitors the core temperature and this means that a second device is no longer necessary.
The smart controls and regular test runs of the fan extend the service lives of the transformer and fan.
Other programs make the device suitable for a diverse range of applications. For example, one of the relays can be used as an additional fault signal relay if monitoring of the fan or the core temperature is not required.
The device is particularly user-friendly thanks to its test button, clearly arranged LED indicators, compact design and universal voltage power supply unit (AC/DC 24-240 V).

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