Temperature Relay Type TR660IP

Sensors 6 x Pt 100, Pt 1000 or PTC thermisors,  7 limits, analog outputs or interface RS485, IP interface, operation with browser via TCP/IP

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Product description


Temperature Relays TR660IP monitor up to 6 sensors for up to 7 limits. Different sensors can be connected at the same time, e.g. Pt 100 (RTD) and PTC thermistors. Typical applications are monitoring of motors, generators or transformers. An other application is the use as a two or more step controller with additional monitoring of over- or undertemperature or monitoring of differences in temperatures of 2 sensors.
Preset programs allow easy setting e.g. monitoring of transformers with/without monitoring of temperature of core or with/without controlling a ventilator.

Operation can be made at the device or with a standard browser via Ethernet.

  • 6 inputs for sensors Pt 100, Pt 1000 and PTC, mixed sensors possible
  • 7 alarms / relay outputs
  • alarm 2 of x = alarm only when limit is exceeded in min. 2 sensors
  • monitoring of difference of temperatures
  • monitoring of rate of change of temperature
  • logging of temperatures and history
  • preset programs for protection of motors, transformers and more
  • interface ethernet TCP/IP, vlues available via modbus TCP
  • programming with browser via TCP/IP or with joystick at device
  • coloured LED display for clear display of temperatures and states of alarms
  • universal power supply AC/DC 24-270 V

TR660IP RS485:  interface RS485 (modbus RTU)
TR660IP analog:  4 analog outputs 2x 0/4 - 20 mA and 2x 0/2 - 10 V, individual programmable.



Technical Data

Raded supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24 - 270 V, 0/50/60 Hz


Sensor connection


6 x Pt 100, Pt 1000, PTC


Type of connection


3-wire, 2-wire
(line resistance adjustable 0,0...99,9 Ohm)


Monitoring range


-199,9...+800 °C


Switching delay on/off


00:00...59:59 mm:ss


Relay output


7 x changeover contact


Test conditions


EN 61010, EN 61326


rated ambient temperature range


-20 °C...+65 °C



Type of housing


V8, Switch-gear-monting


Dimensions (w x h x d)


140 x 90 x 58 [mm], mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing / terminals


IP 30 / IP20




snap mount on 35 mm DIN rail or screws M4




app. 400 g




Operating manual

Operating manual modbus