Frequency- and Speed Relay FRMU1000 / FR1000

Frequency- and Speed Relay
with integrated Measuring Transducer

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Part number

input 20-200/80-440V, analog output
input 110-300/210-830V, analog output
input 20-200/80-440V, no analog output

Product description


The FRMU1000 is a speed-monitor, a frequency-monitor and a measuring-transducer in one device.
2 limits with 1 relay each can be programmed for under- or overspeed, under- or overfrequency or each monitoring of a range (min/max).
The input for monitoring of speed can evaluate signals from proximity-sensors 2- or 3-wire, npn- or pnp. The display can be scaled. Thus the real speed of a shaft can be displayed, even though there are several pulses per revolution, e.g. from a cogwheel.

Application as Frequency-Relay
Monitoring of frequencies in mains 16 2/3 to 400 Hz on maintaining a range (min/max).

Application as Speed-Relay

Monitoring of overspeed or underspeed, each with pre-alarm and alarm, monitoring of maintaining a range (min/max) or monitoring of stop at machines and equipment, e.g. at conveyors, escalators or lifts or for monitoring of drive-belts.

Applications as Measuring Transducer (FRMU only)
In addition, the FRMU can be used as measuring-transducer to convert the input-signal into a standard-signal 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V.



  • Measuring-inputs voltage AC 20-200 V/80-440 V or AC110-300V/210-830 V (option)
  • Monitoring of frequency of own supply-voltage
  • Monitoring range 10...500 Hz
  • Resolution of display 0.01 Hz


  • Monitoring range 5...99999 1/min
  • Display can be scaled
  • Measuring input for capacitance-switches 2- or 3-wire, PNP or NPN
  • Start-up-delay programmable
  • Start-input (activates device with switching on the monitored drive)


  • Setting in Hz oder 1/min
  • 5-digit display
  • Analog output DC 0/4-20 mA or DC 0-10 V, free scaleable (with isolation to frequency-input U1/U2)
  • 2 limits/ 2 relays
  • programmable for each relay:
    • Monitoring of min, max or range
    • Hysteresis
    • Autoreset reclosing lock
    • Delay-time for switching an switching back down to 50 ms
    • Operating- or closed-current mode
  • LEDs for state of relays and unit  (Hz oder min-1)
  • Storage of min- and max-values of the inputs
  • Easy setting with 3 buttons
  • Code lock against manipulatin of settings
  • Universal power supply AC/DC 24-240 V
  • Terminals pluggable


Technical data

Rated supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24-240 V, <3W, <10VA
(AC 20-264 V, DC 20,4-297 V)




0, 40...500 Hz, ab AC 80 V: 10...500 Hz


Measuring input Frequency


10.00 - 500.00 Hz


Admissible voltage


AC 20-200 V/ 80-440 V oder
AC 110-300 V/ 210-830 V (Option)


Measuring input Speed


5-99999 min-1
PNP oder NPN, 3-wire or 2-wire


Analog output


0/4-20 mA, max. 500 Ω,
0-10 V, max. 10 mA


max. error


< 0,15 % from FullScale+ 0,015 %/K


Relais output


Type 3, see general technical information
2 x 1 (change-over) contact


Test conditions


see general technical information


Rated ambient temperature range


-20 °C ... +60 °C



Dimensions H x W x D


Design V4: 90 x 70 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30/IP 20 (Terminals pluggable)




on 35 mm DIN rail or with screws M4




approx. 180 g



Quick guide

Operating manual