Level Monitor Type NS43V

Level Monitor for conductive liquids, 4 Levels, 6 Programs, sensitivity adjustable, Housing Design V6 for circuit-breaker box

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Part number

Product description


The NS level monitor is an electronic device for monitoring levels of conductive liquids. The monitoring of the levels is effected vis electrodes, which are dipped or set free according to liquid level. All conductive liquids can be monitored, preferrably, however, water, also of different degree of hardness.

To adapt the relay to the conductivity of the liquid and to the capacitance of (long) cables, the switching limit can be adjusted app. 5 kΩ ... 250 kΩ. Thus it also is possible to tell between the liquid and foam over the liquid.


The NS unit protects aggregates and plants against dry running, overflow, leakage damages and unnecessary loss of liquids. It controls and monitors levels of liquids in waste-water, pools, fish farms and whereever a certain level should be maintained or dosed.

Depending on the application and the set program, it controls the level between 2 or 3 electrodes by means of opening or closing dose or drain of a container. The top and the lowest electrode protect from overflow or running dry.

An electrolytic corrosion of the electrodes as well as detonating gas production is excluded due to a AC current measuring path.

The universal supply voltage AC/DC 24-240 V allows to connect the relay to any common mains.The isolation between electronics (= electrodes) and supply voltage avoids malfunctions caused by potential spreading, also at DC-supplys.

  • Monitoring of up to 4 levels
  • 4 relays with change-over contacts (co)
  • Sensitivity adjustable 5...250 kΩ
  • Switching delay of relays adjustable 0...10 s
  • Switching-delay of alarms (on/off) adjustable 0...10 s
  • Basic programs (selectable with DIP-switches) for various applications
  • Universal supply voltage AC/DC 24-240 V
  • Terminals pluggable
  • Housing for DIN-rail or wall-mount,
  • mounting height 55 mm, 70 m m wide
  • Accessory: Installation Frame ER6 for panel mount


Technical Data

Supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24-240V, <3W, <6VA
AC 20-264 V, DC 20,4-297 V


Electrode connection


Level electrodes E1, E2, E3, E4, Reference to E0


max. voltage/current


<3Veff / <100 μA




adjustable 5 kΩ...250 kΩ ± 25%


max. cable-length/capacity


5 kΩ/approx. 500m/100 nF, 250 kΩ/approx. 50m/10nF




approx. 15% + 5 kΩ


Switching delay


adjustable 0,1...10 s


Relay output


Type 2 see general technical informations
4 x 1 changeover-contact


Test conditions


see general technical informations


Rated ambient temperature




Housing / Installation Frame


Design V6 / Front mounting kit ER6, 6 TE


Dimensions h x b x d


90 x 105 x 58 [mm], mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing / terminals


IP 30 / IP 20 (terminals pluggable)




approx. 250 g




On 35 mm DIN-rail or screws M4




Operating Manual

Quick Guide