Pt100-Temperature-Sensors Type TF101ZG2

Pt100-Temperature-Sensor, -50°C...+170°C, built into steel tube V4A, 1/2 inch, for installation in pipes

Pt100-Temperature-Sensors Type  TF101ZG2

Part number

110 mm insertion depth

Product description


TF101 temperature sensors use EN 60751/IEC 60751 platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD). For precise temperature measurement the Platinum Resistance Thermometer offers the best overall advantages in repeatability and stability over a long period. High accuracy allows replacement of a sensor without any need for re-adjust of the connected measuring devices or thermostats. TF101 temperature sensors are available in different designs.

Platinum resistance temperature sensor built into steel tube V4A, 1/2 inch, suitable for installation in pipes. Thermal response time T0,9 in the air 255 s, in water 45 s. Suitable for transmission in 2- or 3-wire technique.

Weight 120 g
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