Pt 100-Temperature relays Type TR1200

Pt100 Temperature-Relay, 12 Sensors, Interface RS485

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Part number

AC/DC 24-240 V


Product description


12-channel Temperature-Relay for Sensors Pt100 (RTD)

Temperature relays TR1200 measure the temperature of up to 12 sensors within 199...+850°C and provide the data at an interface RS485 for external evaluation. With its universal power-supply AC/DC 24-240 V it can be connected to all common supply voltages.
The TR1200 provides the data as Modbus-RTU-protocol or according to the ZIEHL-standard. With protocol ZIEHL standard it can replace 2 ZIEHL TR600 relays.
The TR1200 is used where temperatures of many sensors Pt100 shall be evaluated by a device with input RS485.

Applications are e.g. monitoring of


  • motors and generators (windings, bearings, coolant, ambient temperature)
  • transformers (windings, core, ambient temperature)
  • machines, plants and equen

Sensors and Displays

  • 12 inputs for sensors Pt 100 (RTD)
  • Connection 2- or 3-wire
  • unneeded inputs can be switched off
  • monitoring of sensors for short-circuit an interrupt
  • e-digit-display for temperature
  • LEDs for assigning the measured value, error, state of relay and interface


  • Interface RS485(protocols ZIEHL standard and modbus RTU)
  • Baud rate (4800/9600/19200) and Parity-Bit
  • selectable protocols see operating manual on
  • Relay for error (1 co-contract) for sensor error and operational failure

More features

  • easy operation and selection of temperatures at the device
  • Sensor-Simulation
  • Code protection against manipulation of settings
  • Universal supply voltage AC/DC 24…240 V
  • Housing for switchgear-mount, 140 mm wide, mounting height 55 mm
  • mounting on DIN rail 35 mm or with screws M4 (option)

Software for operation(download from

  • software (modbus) for programming the inputs
  • Logging function (with connected PC only)
  • Hardware for every TR1200: PC with USB or RS232 interface + RS485-USB or RS485-RS232 converter (depending on interface)
  • Software: Win7 / Win10, Excel 2010-2016


Technical Data

Rated Supply Voltage Us


AC/DC 24-240 V, 0/45...65 Hz, < 5 VA
DC: 20,4...297 V, AC: 20,4...264 V


Relay output


1 change-over contact (CO)
Type 2, see general technical information


Measuring inputs


12 x Pt100 (RTD) according to EN 60 751 / IEC 60 751


Measuring time sensor


0,25...3s (depending on number of sensors)


Measuring range










± 0,5% of value ± 1 K




≤ 0,8 mA


RS 485 interface


Adress of device




Baud rate


4800, 9600, 19200 baud




N, O, E (non, odd, even)




max. 1000 m at 19200 baud


Testing conditions


see general technical information


Rated ambient temperature range






Design V8


Dimensions (w x h x d)


140 x 90 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30 / IP 20




DIN-rail 35 mm acc. to EN 60715 or screws M4




ca. 350 g